InnoTech San Antonio 2018

InnoTech San Antonio, the Business & Technology Innovation Conference & Exposition, creates an environment where education, innovation, peer-to-peer networking and the latest technology and business solutions are all available specifically for IT professionals. Last year, over 1500 business and technology professionals converged for the annual InnoTech San Antonio event. Use code DOJO99 to get free access to both days of InnoTech San Antonio!

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Xconomy’s Forum: San Antonio Tech—Seizing the Momentum

Xconomy’s first public event in San Antonio will focus on the region’s top high-tech trends, players, and companies—and their plans for future growth and impact in areas from cloud computing to cybersecurity, healthtech, and beyond. Through interactive chats, panels, keynotes, and more, the half-day forum will shine the spotlight on what makes San Antonio unique, with an eye toward probing how the region can build relationships and get to the next level as a national technology leader.

Use code DOJO to get $150 off the price of the ticket!

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