Our Mission

To inculcate security and risk management into the culture of the greater San Antonio community through education and development programs.

We share a passion for building, reverse engineering, and understanding cyber security technologies and getting people to think about and perform security best practices. Our vision is to make San Antonio, TX, the heart of cyber security in the southwest region of the United States, and to make that happen, it will take a culture shift on multiple fronts. We have a booming cyber security industry, a strong military and government presence, and a growing commercial security sector. We collaborate with each and with other industries to bring education and development programs to the masses. Join us to build a better and more secure San Antonio!


We put together events and workshops for free or as low of a cost as possible to reduce the barrier of entry for interested parties. We are bringing security content to the general public to get them to change the way they think about the online world, and we deliver workshops to enrich the experience of cyber security professionals looking to broaden their horizons within security.


With a growing security industry, there needed to be a place where people can come together, network within the same space, and learn from each other while also providing value for others. Being a part of a community offers that to people, and it is one of the best ways to find more opportunities for career advancement.


Working together with other groups in San Antonio provides us the opportunity to share security knowledge, gain additional knowledge of the issues facing other groups, and provide platforms for everyone to speak and to learn from each other. We strongly believe that the most innovative cities in the world are cities that are high on collaboration.


A growing collaborative community also presents opportunities for entrepreneurship. We support people and companies making moves in the industry, especially local companies founded in San Antonio. For those community members with ideas they want to create into companies, the Dojo is the perfect place for them to pitch their ideas, get community feedback, and use the networks of members to find additional opportunities to test their ideas and grow their brand.

Board of Directors

  • President – Andrew P.
  • Treasurer – Chelsea H.
  • Secretary – Katie K.

Advisers to the Board of Directors

  • Jeff Reich
  • Omar Quimbaya
  • Will Garrett
  • Paul Rivera